does my F150 have a tow package

Does my F150 have a tow package? (2022)

The Ford F-150 towing packages are really confusing. We get it!  

In this article we unpack exactly how to tell if your F150 has a Tow Package and answer your burning question – does my F150 have a tow package?

The different towing packages

Ford is not very consistent with its naming however there are four packages (17T, 53A, 53B, 53C) that it calls Trailer Tow Packages…. 

….and package 53C that it calls the Max Trailer Tow Package

You may also see the 17T package referred to as the Tow Technology Package.

The 53A package is sometimes called the Heavy Duty tow package by people online. However, that’s not a term that is consistently used by Ford and it is potentially confusing with the Heavy Duty Payload package (627). Note that option 627 often requires the Max Trailer Tow Package and that can cause even more confusion! 

Finally, the 53B is sometimes called the Class II Trailer Tow Package

Before we can give definitive guidance on how to tell if you have the a tow package we need to review what the standard model includes.

Quick answer
If you have a 7-pin wiring harness and a hitch receiver then you have a tow package

What tow equipment is included in the standard F-150?

The standard F-150 in 2022 includes the 4-pin wiring harness, tow/haul mode, Trailer Sway Control and  Pro Trailer Backup Assist (XLT 302A and above). 

Let’s now examine what the tow packages give in addition and this can help identify whether you have a tow package. 

What do the Ford F-150 tow packages include?

The Tow Technology Package (17T) is a little different so let’s first look at the 53B, 53A and 53C packages.

The key difference between these three packages and the standard F-150 is the inclusion of the 7-wire harness / 7-pin connector and a hitch receiver. The hitch receiver is simply the metal hole which you slide your receiver into and lock with a locking pin.   

See below for the cables that would fit into the 4-pin and 7-pin harness respectively.

4 pin harness
4 pin harness – credit
7 pin harness
7 pin harness – credit

How to tell if your F-150 has a tow package

Your truck will be fitted with tow package 53B, 53A or 53C if – 

  • your truck is fitted on the rear with a 7-pin socket that would fit the plug we’ve shown above, and
  • has a hitch receiver.

This is for 2022 models, and different model years might have different results.

But what if you want to identify which tow package you have? 

What does Tow Package 53A include?

Tow Package 53A builds on 53B with three additional items. (Yeah, we know it makes no sense that 53C is the most complete package, followed by 53A and then 53B)

  • Trailer brake controller. If you see an integrated trailer brake controller in your F-150 then  you likely have 53A or 53C
  • Tailgate LED
  • Pro Trailer Backup Assist (not XL 100A model)

What is included in the Max Trailer Tow Package?

The Max Trailer Tow Package changes up some items from the stock F-150, and adds some additional items. 

  • The standard 4-pin trailer wiring harness is replaced for the 7-pin version
  • A reinforced 2″ receiver rated at 14,000lbs. This is in contrast to the other tow packages where the hitch receiver is rated for 11,600lbs
  • Smart Trailer Tow Connector.  This simply monitors lights on your trailer and can inform you if a bulb has blown. See the video below. 
  • Upgraded rear axle
  • Upgraded rear bumper – see note below. 
  • Integrated trailer brake controller. Most trailers should have integrated electronic brakes, the truck’s trailer brake controller can activate these providing enhanced safety and reduced wear-and-tear on the truck’s brakes
  • Tailgate LED – useful for lighting your hitch area
  • Pro Trailer Backup Assist (Not included on XL 100A). With this option you will see a dial on your console marked Pro Trailer. It allows you to take your hands off the wheel and control the direction of the reversing trailer while using the assistance of the camera system. Most people either love it or hate it! See video below for more information. 
  •  36 Gallon extended range fuel tank (not Powerboost or XL regular cab models).

What does the Max Trailer Tow Package (53C) add?

When you compare the 53A and 53C packages there are three differences.

  • Upgraded rear axle
  • Upgraded rear bumper. This is the reinforced receiver rated to 14,000lbs.
  • Extended range gas tank with 36 gallons (not Powerboost or XL regular cab models). 

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How to tell if F150 has Max Tow Package?

There is not one simple test, but follow these steps and you will get a considerable degree of certainty.

  • Does it have an integrated trailer brake controller? If you do not have the trailer brake controller then you do not have the Max Trailer Tow Package.
  • Does if have the dial for the Pro Trailer Backup Assist? If you do not have this dial, then you do not have the Max Trailer Tow Package.

Based on the above two tests, you might still have the 53A or 53C. 

  •  Look under your hitch and find the label (see above for an example). Is the hitch rated for 14,000lbs with a weight distributing hitch? If you have the 14,000lbs rating and the above two bullets hold then it seems almost certain that you have the Max Trailer Tow Package. 

Note that checking you have the extended range 36 gallon fuel tank is not a foolproof method since this option is also available on the Heavy-Duty Payload Package, and is not available on the Powerboost and some other models. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between F-150 tow package and max tow package?

The main addition with the Max Trailer Tow Package compared to the other tow package (53A) is

  • Upgraded rear axle
  • Upgraded rear bumper. This is the reinforced receiver rated to 14,000lbs.
  • Extended range gas tank with 36 gallons (not all models).

What does f150 tow package include?

It really depends which tow package. The 53B package doesn’t have much other than a 7-pin harness and hitch receiver. But the Max Trailer Tow Package includes;

  • 7-pin wiring harness
  • A reinforced 2″ receiver 
  • Smart Trailer Tow Connector 
  • Upgraded rear axle
  • Upgraded rear bumper  
  • Integrated trailer brake controller
  • Tailgate LED 
  • Pro Trailer Backup Assist 
  •  36 Gallon fuel tank 

How much can my F-150 tow?

See our separate articles that explain how much an F-150 can tow, and how much the Ecoboost 3.5L can tow. 

If you have the 7-pin harness and the hitch receiver then your 2022 has a tow package. But there are three main packages to look at from there. The 53C package is the Max Trailer Tow Package and this permits the highest tow rating.

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