Can you flat tow a Jeep Grand Cherokee

Can you flat tow a Jeep Grand Cherokee (2022)?

Yes, for some models… The four-wheel drive model with 4WD LOW range may be flat towed. 

However there are some other models that can be towed on a dolly, so we need to dig in before we can fully answer the question – can you flat tow a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Read on for more details!

What is flat towing?

Before we get into the specifics of the Jeep Grand Cherokee let’s quickly review the towing methods and what flat towing is.

Flat towing is sometimes called four-wheel-down towing. It’s just what it sounds! The vehicle is put into a mode where the wheels can spin freely and the car is towed behind the towing vehicle with all four wheels making contact with the road. 

It is perhaps most common with RVs where campers want to have a run-about vehicle available at the campsite. If you’ve ever wanted to pop out to the shops in a huge RV then you’ll know what we mean!

The two other options are towing with a dolly and trailer towing.

flat towing

Tow Dolly

A tow dolly is like half a trailer. This was discussed more in our article on towing a Ford F-150 on a dolly. The car’s front wheels (or rear wheels) are driven onto the dolly and so only the rear wheels (or front wheels) are in contact with the road. Note that not all vehicles can be towed on a dolly and there are definitely pros and cons to consider between flat towing and towing with a dolly. 

Trailer towing

The final option is simply loading the car onto a trailer. In this case all four wheels are off the ground. All cars can be trailer towed, but you clearly need to be careful about the load that is put onto the towing vehicle, and ensure you are within towing parameters.  

Can you flat tow a Jeep Grand Cherokee – The different models

Before we look at flat towing let’s review the different models of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is critical you know what transmission you have before deciding whether, and how, you can flat tow. 

There are three different 4WD systems and a RWD version. 

  • 4WD Quadra-Trac I
  • 4WD Quadra-Trac II with low range
  • 4WD Quadra-Drive with low range and Quadra Lift air suspension
  • Rear-wheel drive

For the 2022 version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee there are five 4×2 trims; Laredo, Altitude, Limited, Overland and Summit. There are two 4×4 trims; Trailhawk and Summit Reserve.
Jeep Grand Cherokee

Can the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee be flat towed?

Jeep’s advice is that the only the 4WD model with a LOW range can be flat towed. All other models cannot be flat towed. 

The 4WD LOW mode is for extreme off-road situations where large torque at low speeds are required – for example deep snow, sand or mud. The 4WD LOW mode locks the front and rear drivelines and does not allow them to move independently (“differential action”).  You must not use 4WD LOW mode for pavement driving. 

Only the models with 4WD LOW allow the transfer case to be put in neutral.  See our glossary for more information on the transfer case. 

How to flat tow the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you have established that you have a model with the 4WD LOW mode then you can flat tow. However, some steps need to be taken before flat towing the Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

The key thing is to place the transfer case in Neutral.  This is not the same as simply putting the car in neutral. You must follow the steps laid our in the owner’s manual. But the steps required will broadly follow;

  1. Ensure the vehicle is in park (P)
  2. If you have Quadra-Lift air suspension ensure it is set to Normal Ride Height.
  3. Ignition must be in the ON/RUN position.
  4.  The Neutral (N) selection button is adjacent to the air suspension switch.  Using a ballpoint pen press the recessed (N) switch for more than 4 seconds.
  5. The light behind the N will flash and then  will stop on a solid light to indicate the transfer case has been shifted to neutral. 
  6. Shift the car into drive or reverse and verify that the car does not move. 
  7. Apply the parking brake.
  8. Put the transmission into neutral and hold the engine start/stop button until the engine turns off. 
  9. Place the transmission in park. 
  10. Push the engine start/stop button twice (don’t depress the brake pedal) to turn the ignition to the off position. 
  11. Attach the vehicle to the tow bar. 
  12. Release the parking brake. 

Neutral button on Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Warnings when flat towing the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee

There are a few key things to remember when flat towing your Grand Cherokee

  • Do not dolly tow any 4WD vehicle. All four wheels must be down and the transfer case in neutral. 
  • Vehicle must be facing forward and being towed forward
  • Transmission must be in park (P). 
  • Do not exceed 70 mph

Can the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee be towed on a dolly?

If you don’t have the model with 4WD LOW range then you cannot flat tow. But you do have options. 

The two-wheel drive model can be towed on a dolly, however you must ensure that the rear wheels are off the ground. Do not have the rear wheels on the ground or you could severely damage the transmission. 

Summary of Jeep Grand Cherokee towing options

The following table summarizes the towing options available for the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Towing MethodTwo-Wheel Drive ModelsFour-Wheel Drive Models Without 4WD LOW RangeFour-Wheel Drive Models With 4WD LOW Range
Flat tow (four wheels down)Not allowedNot allowedAllowed, but see instructions below
Dolly Tow (rear wheels down, front wheels off ground)Not allowedNot allowedNot allowed
Dolly Tow (front wheels down, rear wheels off ground)AllowedNot allowedNot allowed
On TrailerAllowedAllowedAllowed

Frequently asked questions

Can a 2022 Jeep Cherokee be flat towed? Yes – but from the summary table above you must have the 4WD model with LOW mode so that the transfer case can be set to neutral. 

Can you tow a Jeep Cherokee behind a motorhome? Yes – but examine the table above. There is one model that can be flat towed and the 2WD model can be towed on a dolly with rear wheels OFF the ground. 

Which Jeep Cherokee models can be flat towed? Yes, you bet. But it has to be the 4WD model with LOW mode. 


There is a lot of jargon out there, so let’s break it down!

  • Differential. When your car goes around a corner the wheels on the outside of the curve travel further than those on the inside of the curve. It’s just geometry! This is why it’s not generally desirable to have wheels that are connected by a rigid axle (like in a Hot Wheels model car). A differential allows the wheels on the same axle to turn at different rates. This also helps distribute power from the engine to the wheels. 
  • Transfer Case. The transfer case is required on 4×4 or AWD vehicles. It distributes engine power to both the rear and front axles. The differentials  then distribute power from the axle to the wheels. The transfer case can be thought of as a differential between the front and rear axles. It helps ensure both front and rear wheels are turning at the same speeds and synchronized. This is not necessarily a given, since different gearing ratios, or different tire sizes can cause unequal speeds to develop. Many transfer cases allow the driver to switch between 4WD and 2WD modes. 
  • Transmission. The transmission connects the engine to the axle(s) and ultimately the wheels. It’s the connection that provides power to the wheels. It contains the gearbox and helps regulate the power that is being delivered to the wheels. When you are standing idle in your car at the traffic lights the transmission disconnects the engine from the wheels so the engine can continue without delivering power to the wheels. Transmissions are generally either manual or automatic, depending on whether the driver is operating the clutch to change gears. n

For your model of 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee you can use the above information above to find out whether it can be flat towed. We also provide instructions on how this can be done. Note that we don’t discuss whether your towing vehicle is capable of towing the Jeep Grand Cherokee and you can use our towing calculator to help you determine that.

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