Can the Ford Maverick tow a camper?

Can the Ford Maverick tow a camper? (2022)

The Ford Maverick is a compact truck new in 2022. A common configuration is the FWD hybrid drivetrain, but there is a standard gasoline option available, which can also come as AWD with a “4K” tow package.

But can it tow a camper? 

Yes, it sure can!

It can tow up to 4,000 lbs, however the devil is in the detail, so read on to understand – Can the Ford Maverick tow a camper?

What is the towing capacity of the Ford Maverick?

You need to check out our main article on what the Ford Maverick can tow. This lays out all the details. 

However the key point is that all the Ford Maverick models can tow 2,000 lbs except the Ecoboost AWD model with a tow package. That model can tow 4,000 lbs. Note the tow package is sometimes called the 4K tow package. 

Quite honestly that model is your best bet if you want to tow a camper with a Maverick, as 2,000 lbs is going to be rather tight on weight capacity.

Recommended camper weight

If the tow capacity of your Ford Maverick is 4,000 lbs does that mean you can now go out and buy a 4,000 lb trailer? 


Please don’t

 Remember your camper will have some of your stuff in it. You will have bedding, kitchen equipment, clothes, food and perhaps a table and chair. In addition the camper may have water tanks. With either fresh water or waste this will add more weight to the trailer. 

In addition, you don’t want your fully laden trailer to be right up to the 4,000 lbs limit. You want to allow for the weight of the hitch and a margin of error. Your margin of error should be around 10-15%. Which is around 400 – 600 lbs. 

Given all this it might be wise to look for trailers with unladen vehicle weights of no more than about 2,000 lbs

Before we talk about actual campers let’s quickly discuss the payload capacity of the truck.

What is the payload of a Ford Maverick?

Towing capacity is one part of the equation but don’t forget you will also want to put some of your stuff in the back of the truck. You may have passengers, pets, clothes, camping equipment. Some, or all, of this will be in the back of the Maverick. Given the relatively low towing capacity you probably won’t want to put it all in the camper. 

The load in the truck counts against your allowable payload. 

The payload for all Maverick models is 1,500 lbs. This is irrespective of tow package. 

That’s not much to play with. If you factor in a couple of passengers, the extra weight of the hitch and some luggage you will probably be up against your limit.

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What campers can the Ford Maverick tow?

We’re therefore looking for a camper with an unladen vehicle weight of not more than about 2,000 lbs, and a gross vehicle weight not exceeding around 3,600 lbs. 

Jay Feather Micro 12SRK

The Jay Feather Micro 12SRK is Jayco’s smallest camper. The unladen vehicle weight is 1,585 lbs and the gross weight rating is 2,795 lbs.

However it is pretty limited with no kitchen and a futon bed. 

Jayco Feather Micro

Jay Flight SLX 7

The Jay Flight SLX 7 is another small camper from Jayco, but they have managed to cram in a remarkable amount! It can sleep 4 and has a kitchen and bathroom. 

The unladen vehicle weight is 1,615 lbs and the gross weight rating is 3,540 lbs.

Jay Flight SLX 7

Flagstaff E-PRO E15TB

The Flagstaff E-PRO E15TB is  their smallest walkable travel trailer. One noteworthy feature though is the ability to combine the two twin beds to make a king bed. They even manage to fit in a bathroom too!

The unladen vehicle weight is 2,667 lbs and the gross weight rating is 3,877 lbs. This is very close to the Maverick’s limit and you will want to be careful how much you load into this trailer. 

Jay Flight SLX 7

What super-light campers can the Ford Maverick tow?

Suppose you do not have the Ecoboost AWD model with a tow package. In this case your maximum towing capacity is limited to 2,000 lbs. This is the case for the hybrid Maverick model.

Can you buy a 2,000 lbs camper then?


You need a margin of error and allow for load in the trailer and hitch weight. However, the following examples could work.  

Sylvan Sport Go

The Sylvan Sport Go is a small trailer – it’s basically a tent on wheels. It is extremely light with an unladen weight of 840 lbs and a gross weight capacity of 1,650 lbs which is within a good margin of the 2,000 lbs towing limit. Note that it does also have an equipment rack that allows another 165 lbs of capacity. Remember to allow for this weight. 

Sylvan sport go

Timberleaf Pika Trailer

Another potential option is the Pika Trailer from Timberleaf Trailers. The lightest option is 1,025lbs. But be careful about adding accessories as that will increase the dry weight and based on a 2,000 lbs towing capacity you do not have that much headroom to play with. 

Pika Trailer


Will a Ford Maverick tow a camper? Yes, but depends which model you have. The Ecoboost AWD with tow package gives you the best options. 

How much can the Ford Maverick truck tow? The maximum is 4,000 lbs with the right model. However see our in-depth article that discusses all the different Maverick models and their towing capacity. 

What is included in the Ford Maverick tow package?  It includes a 7-wire harness, hitch receiver, oil cooler and radiator upgrade. However see our in-depth article on the Maverick towing capacity. 

The Ford Maverick can tow a camper. For most of the models with a 2,000 lbs capacity you are very limited. For the max towing model of 4,000 lbs you have a few lightweight trailer options to choose from.

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